Lola Lee Goes Black

Posted in Lola Lee | Posted on 10-08-2010

Lola Lee Goes Black Lola Lee Goes Black

Doing our occupation, which is keeping you men pleased, would be a lot harder-impossible, very-whenever we did not have therefore many ladies who are therefore eager to keep you pleased. One of those ladies is Lola Lee, who occurs to be one from the most popular mature models of all time. Lola is 66 yrs old and getting sexier and more turned on every day. She looks like the decent woman you might watch at the shop, but she is proof that you are able to’t assure a book by its cover.

Today, Lola is back by popular demand and doing something you men have been calling for for: she is going to get banged by a huge, ebony penis. This isn’t the 1st time Lola has banged a ebony fellow, but it is not something she does often and we’re pleased that she desired to do it for us. while Lucas showed her his penis, Lola smiled and stated, “I guess I have the ability to take it. Bring it over here, honey. Let me take in it a little.” And she proceeded to take in Lucas’s penis while the film wasn’t rolling…while in that location wasn’t even a film in the room.

Well, in that location was a film in the room this time as Lola got her 60something cunt stretched and fucked. JPGs 36, 37 and 38 are very exceptional. Enjoy, but do not thank us. Thank Lola.

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