A Cream Pie For Jewel

Posted in Jewel | Posted on 10-08-2010

A Cream Pie For Jewel A Cream Pie For Jewel

We hadn’t planned on bringing Jewel back therefore quickly. We normally like to spread away return visits a little more. But Jewel’s debut at 60 Plus Milfs…fine, we should’ve known that formerly we gave you boys a little piece of Jewel, you’d want a lot more.

From J.Z.: “Jewel is simply the grooviest MILF away at that place. Thank you for bringing her to 60 Plus Milfs, and I look forward to seeing more of her.”

From theboss: “she is the princess.”

From Graham: “Jewel’s appearance is lenghty overdue. I hope this is the 1st of many shoots she does for 60 Plus Milfs.”

Now it is time for Jewel’s second appearance, and she is doing something exceptional for us: a cream pie! Yep, the fortunate hombre-he’s 32 yrs younger than Jewel, who’s 61-pounds Jewel and cums deep down her cunt, and then we get to see it come away. Or is that sperm away?

“I like cream pies,” Jewel stated. “it is therefore real. it is the way most people bang, right?”

Most people, yup, but not most porn people, which is what does this therefore exceptional. Jewel, 61 and wedded, does something that even a lot of older porn hoes won’t do.

But do not call Jewel a whore. she is a woman. A woman who deserves your sperm.

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